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  • Suyash Dhakre
    IEPS Logistics Management the best logistics institution which provides practical knowledge in logistics and also helps in personality development. The institution has the most efficient trainers and faculties. The students here improving their communication skills, confidence level and positive attitude who help to provide Placement in Logistics in 1 Month Short period
    Suyash Dhakre
    Place in RIVIGO Logistics
  • "The Hospitality Management Program at IEPS Hotel Management is a great starting point for those with any experience, and finds a passion for the industry. This program will set you up for success for not only a managerial role in the Hospitality Industry, but for in any industry you chose in the long run, and in your personal life. Even today, I find myself using many of the skills learned, and still hear the advice and voices of my mentors in the back of my mind."
  • Mahendra Singh
    For me the programme is a unique experience of studying in Challenging environment. Every semester had a special atmosphere and academic content that made studying process interesting and full of various challenges. Strong combination of theoretical and practical issues gave a high valuable knowledge to me, and I hope to use these new skills in my future career in logistics Career.
    Mahendra Singh
    Place in RIVIGO Logistics
  • Sumit Vaidya
      IEPS HM provided me with industry exposure during my course that increased my hospitality skills which helped me to join Saya-Ji Indore
    Sumit Vaidya
    Working WIth Saya-Ji Indore
  •   "It is because of the personal experiences I have had with students in the IEPS Hospitality Management Program that I can say with confidence that the program is producing well-rounded and well-educated individuals. The hospitality field is very demanding, both physically and mentally. I see firsthand the skills set these students possess"